متطلبات الحصول على بكالوريوس تكنولوجيا المعلومات الحيوية – نظام الساعات المعتمدة

Academic Requirements and Regulations for Bachelor Degree by

Credit Hour System

In Bioinformatics technology

Article (1):

Ain Shams University will award upon the request of the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences Board Bachelor Degree in the following discipline: 

Bioinformatics technology

The total credit hours according to the proposed programs should be 144 credit hours (c.h.), and the academic terms are not less than 7 terms (semesters). The tuition fees are according to the university council rules. 

Article (2): Proposed Programs

It is a non-traditional field which includes different disciplines of biology, biotechnology, biophysics, computer science, and basic knowledge of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. The job market in Egypt needs specialists with such background especially in course of the national efforts to render affordable and suitable accommodation for the people. Now this field attracts global attention that makes it important to be included into the higher educational system in Egypt. 

Article (3): Admission Requirements

Egyptian high school certificate or equivalent according to the regulation rules of Egyptian Universities.

Article (4): Academic Time Schedule

Academic year includes three terms (semesters):

-          First term (fall) starts the third week of September with a duration of 15 weeks

-          Second term (spring) starts the second week of February with a duration of 15 weeks

-          Third term (summer) starts the first week of July with a duration of 8 weeks.

Article (5): Academic Advisor

A staff member will be assigned as an academic advisor for each student to advise and help him in choosing his credit courses. The student needs his academic advisor approval before the registration of each term.

Article (6): Degree Requirements

6-1         Duration to complete the B.Sc. degree is 8 academic terms (semesters). The top students can complete the degree in 7 terms.

6-2         The B.Sc. degree requires 144 credit hours with an average GPA 2.30 (i.e. Good) and a minimum GPA for individual courses not less than 2.0 (Fair).

6-3         Attendance of not less than 75% of the total contact hours (i.e. Lectures-Tutorials-Labs) for each course is required, else the student will be banned from attending the course exam and considered failed the course.

6-4         Registration is allowed for one tem after the payment of the required tuition fees.

6-5         The maximum credit hours allowed for any term is 21 credit hours for the first and second terms and not more than 8 credit hours for the summer term.

6-6         Student is allowed to re-register in any course he failed after payment of required tuition fees (re-registering the course allows the student to attend all the course classes and exams).

6-7         Before graduation students as team work submit graduation project, the project topic should be approved by the student academic advisor during the final terms (minimum of two terms and maximum of three).

Article (7): Course Replacement and Cancellation Requirements

7-1         Student can replace any course during the first 2 weeks of the first and the second terms.

7-2         No course replacement is allowed in the summer term

7-3         Withdrawal from course registration is allowed during the first 8 weeks of the first and the second terms, with no tuition refund.

7-4         Withdrawal from course registration is allowed during the first 4 weeks of the summer term, with no tuition refund.

7-5         Student is allowed to re-register in any course he failed after payment of required tuition fees (re-registering the course allows the student to attend all the course classes and exams). 

Article (8): Grading and Grade Point Average (GPA) Systems 

Grading for studied courses will be as follows:







[90%, 100%]




[85%, 90%)



[80%, 85%)

Very Good



[75%, 80%)



[70%, 75%)




[65%, 70%)



[50%, 65%)




[40%, 50%)




[30%, 40%)



[20%, 30%)



[0%, 20%)


8-1         The evaluation of the student in each course will be based on attendance, term exams, reports, assignments, projects and final term exam.

8-2         The marking schedule for each course will be announced to students at the beginning each term by the relevant departments.

8-3         Course points are equal to the course credit hours multiplied by the hour’s points.

8-4         For any term the sum of the points are calculated based on the points of the registered courses.

8-5         The average term point is the sum of the term points divided by the registered credit hours during that term.

8-6         If the GPA for any course is less than 1.0, it is included in calculating the overall GPA for the student, but the course credit hours are not considered in calculating the total credit hours for the student unless he re-register and pass the same course.

8-7         The university awards honors to students who earn a GPA of 3.50 or above in any term during their course of study. 

Article (9): Academic Regulations

All registered students should abide with following regulations:

9-1         Payment of tuition fees for registered credit hours at the beginning of each term. The fees are based on credit hours (as per Article 1). The tuition fees for any term will be for a minimum of 6 credit hours.

9-2         Students will not be allowed to attend unless tuition fees are paid in full.

9-3         Absence from attendance will not be accepted unless written letter of excuse is submitted to the Faculty and accepted by the Faculty board.

9-4         Absence from absence due to illness should be confirmed by certified physician certificate.

9-5         Absence from attending exam due to illness should be confirmed by certified physician certificate.

9-6         Student has to inform the Faculty in writing of any change in his mailing address.