We all agree that we live in an age of the information revolution, which differs in its characteristics from previous eras and the era of the information revolution is in support of human ability and mental aspects of knowledge available to him as the quantitative production of information is characteristic of this age because of their Otheraly aspects of our various public and on the economic aspects in particular.

Since the emergence of the Faculty of Computer and Information in 1996 as one of the colleges of the University of Ain Shams specializing in four areas in scientific calculations and computer science, information systems and computer systems, a move towards Renaissance informatics and preparing cadres outstanding on the national level and the Arab, where keen college to contribute effectively in achieving the Renaissance Informatics hoped for this technology and updates from a real impact on the development of personal skills and abilities and increase the ability to think and dialogue.

The relationship FCI era of the information revolution and come out of this revolution explosive is effect relationship and influenced, the relationship nature dynamic sharp and variable requires us to take advantage of all available resources, both in terms of academic or hand expertise to support the efficiency of scientific and educational through:

Carefully selected scientific methods to approach the global trends and advanced educational institutions, so as to increase the ability of college graduates to cope with the rapid changes in the field of information technology.
Develop training programs to give the student practical experience and practical through projects and working practices and summer training in partnership with different sectors of production, leading to the development of problem-solving skills and the generation of new knowledge.
 From here it was keen FCI Ain Shams University that includes distinct elements of faculty members and their assistants from teaching assistants and recreating, than they have from the balance of a huge body of knowledge and expertise of theoretical and applied as this privileged elite able to employ the available physical resources to support educational tasks and evaluate the performance of the student and curriculum development, development, and management of the educational process in order to implement the highest and best possible level, including at least recognized international standards in this area.
Keen College Administration to develop a policy distinct to develop research programs and do basic research and applied research, and achieved successes in this area issuance scientific journal "International Journal of accounts smart and science informatics" and Annual Report for the year "2002-2003" and until "2008 - 2009" and what they contain these patrols from dozens of applied scientific research.

The Faculty of Computing and Information do not work in isolation from the social variables related to development and environment and population growth, for this comes driven through a complete understanding of the reality of things and understand the nature of the problems facing the country, and in this context has been keen college to participate awe-inspiring scientific and applied in the implementation of programs of study in the field of computers.