1 - Focus on the student:

- Address the basic needs of the student and community involvement in terms of:

- The availability of appropriate jobs

- Appropriate opportunities for scientific qualifications

- New competencies required in the labor market, which do not include the current programs or presence Khregeyn in the terms of reference, an increase from the requirements of the labor market

2 - Leadership:

Integration of visions, goals and strategies in the educational community.

3 - the participation of individuals:

 Promote the active participation and to mind the equality for all of them linked to education without discrimination and to provide the opportunity to use the full capacity for the benefit of education and society as a whole

4 - decision-making (decisions adopted, which depends on the facts and to encourage and enforce that the provisions set out the facts and logical)

5 - Continuous improvement (commitment to respond to changing needs)

6 - Focus on processes (attention processes and methods along with the product or output)