«Computer» Team is preparing to organize a new training course for a number of students in Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University on Saturday, the 22nd of February.

Amr El Gendy, one of the founders of the team's » said  to the seventh day newspaper »: «This course is specially for those interested in identifying the field of computer-based language, and focused mainly on natural language processing, or NLP, and the most important themes of this session is the entrance to the computerization of the language, and language codes, as well as the automated processing of sounds, as well as the morphological analysis of the vocabulary, as well as grammar, and extract information using various tools ».

«El Gendy» adds: «There are a lot of events that we are preparing to implement them in the coming days, including learning the art of studying for students and academics, to get to know the rules to be followed during the consultation, and the most important steps that make the student does not lose the collected information during the period of study, while on the side the other team is preparing to announce a number of different events that will be announced soon, through our official page on the social networking site Facebook ».


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