iWeekend is a 3 days program that aims to raise awareness about entrepreneurship and innovation among freshmen students.

Program is constructed of two days teaching/workshops focused on introducing design thinking and innovation to the participants; who are divided into small groups working on creative solutions to problems they face and develop innovative ideas in the industry.

On the final day, the teams pitch their ideas in 3 minutes presentations to a qualified jury who then discuss the feasibility of the ideas with them to ensure that they understand the practicality of the ideas and able to digest the information presented to them.

Training Venue: Faculty of Engineering, CHEP building, 3rd floor, room no. 934.

We have two workshops during mid-year vacation 
Check which dates suit you, register in only one workshop 

Training Dates (Workshop 1)
Tuesday 29-January 9 to 12
Wednesday 30–January 9 to 12
Sunday 3-February 9 to 12

Training Dates (Workshop 2)
Sunday 3-February 1 to 4
Monday 4- February 1 to 4
Thursday 7–February 1 to 4

Make sure you can commit to the three time slots before you register

Registration Link for workshop 1: 

Registration Link for workshop 2: