The development of the IT sector in the world requires it to be one of the foundations that supports development. Given the tremendous global scientific transformation in the information technology sector, unprecedented digital mobility and more effective in all aspects of life, making it a national economic necessity.

The application of advanced methods in the management of the faculty is in line with the mission provided to the community in the field of education in line with the global scientific developments in the field of information technology, which is characterized by a rapid and unprecedented international development. The great challenge posed by this progress will be accompanied by a remarkable development during the coming period in the work plan of the Faculty of Computers and Information, which currently embraces between 5 or 6 thousand students.

The Faculty seeks to train students at the highest levels of science and increase their skills in practice, through twinning between the faculty and companies working in the field of information technology, mostly multinational companies, benefiting the student and society at the same time. In addition to the college’s keenness to publish the results of all scientific researches, which adopt scientific standards from specialized scientific journals and conference works, in order to share knowledge and results so that researches can continue and integrate their results and objectives.

We must update the academic sciences that are taught and carefully selected on the approach of global trends so as to increase the ability of faculty graduates to cope with rapid changes in the field of information technology. Various training programs should also be developed to provide students with practical and practical experience through projects, practical practices and summer training in business sectors related to information systems.

Since the establishment of the Faculty of Computers and Information in 1996 as one of the faculties of Ain Shams University specialized in four areas (information systems, computer science, scientific computing and computer systems); it aims to achieve the information revolution and prepare distinguished human cadres at the national and Arab levels. The Faculty is keen to contribute to the advancement of information technology to develop personal skills and abilities.

The faculty is keen to include the outstanding elements of the faculty members and the supporting body with expertise in the field of information technology, evaluation of student performance and the preparation of advanced curricula in the educational process in order to distinguish the faculty, to implement them at the highest level, not least at international levels in this field. Moreover, the Faculty was keen to develop a distinguished policy for the development of research programs and achieved successes in this area by issuing the scientific journal “International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Information Science” and holding periodic conferences every two years to keep up with the latest technological developments worldwide.

The Faculty prepares specialized cadres in the field of computers and information, which have a great amount of knowledge, skills applied science to suit the needs of the changing labor market. In addition to deepening scientific awareness and interest in applied research in partnership with institutions and companies by creating the appropriate environment for this, and seeking to communicate with the community and meet its needs through the provision of advisory and research expertise that serve the community in a distinctive way to achieve the integrated and continuous development.

May God grants us success….

Prof. Dr. Nagwa Lotfi Badr

Dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information