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Information Technology Unit

The objectives of the unit:
1- Enhancing network efficiency through:

• Providing technical support to users and beneficiaries of the services and applications available through the university's information network.

• Monitoring all malfunctions present in devices and networks, resolving them and documenting them.

• Monitoring network performance and measuring the level of user satisfaction with network performance.

• Adding new wired and wireless access points based on available possibilities.

2- The college website:

• Publishing news in both Arabic and English.

• Uploading academic schedules and exam timetables for practical and theoretical exams.

• Updating all college website data.

• Updating the data of faculty members and assistants.

• Monitoring the activation of academic email and ensuring the delivery of academic email to faculty members, their assistants, and students.

3- The Digital Library Project:

Subscribing to all activities required by the unit in collaboration with the project manager of the digital library at the university.
The information of the unit:

1) The team information:



Dr. Mahmoud Monuir

Unit Manager

Maha Makram Labib

Electronic Portal Officer

Osama Farouk Abdelazim

Network Officer

Mohamed Mahmoud Al-Nu'mani

Network Technician

2) The unit information:

Location: College of Computer and Information Technology - Main Building - Second Floor

Email: it3_cis@it.asu.edu.eg