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Former deans and vice

  • Deans
  • Vicedeans of Student Affairs
  • Vicedeans of Postgraduate Affairs
  • Vicedeans of Environment & Community


Prof. Dr. Mohamed Fahmy Tolba   From 1996 To August 2002

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Saied Abdel Wahab  From August 2002 To July 2005

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Essam Khalefa  From August 2005 To July 2010

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ismaiel Roshdy  From August 2010 To 2018

Prof. Dr. Nagwa Lotfi Badr From April 2018 Until Now

Vicedeans of Student Affairs

Prof. Dr. Abdel Badie Mohamed Salem From February 1996 To February 2000

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hamad From February 2000 To 2002

Prof. Dr. Mosafa Mahmoud Seyam  From January 2002 To 2006

Prof. Dr. El Sayed Abdel Aziz Selet From May2006 To August 2008

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ismaiel Roshdy From August 2008 To October 2010

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hashem Abdel Aziz From October 2010 To 2014

Prof. Dr. Hassan Hassan Ramadan From 2014 To August 2016

Prof. Dr. Nagwa Lotfi Nadr From August 2016 To April 2018

Prof. Dr. Hala Mosheer From August 2018 Until Now

Vicedeans of Postgraduate Affairs

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hamad From September 1999 To March 2000

Prof. Dr. Abdel Badie Mohamed Salem From March 2000 To March 2003

Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Sayed El Ghonaimy From January 2004 To January 2007

Prof. Dr. Taimoor Mohamed Nazmi From October 2007 To November 2011

Prof. Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud Aref From November 2011 To November 2014

Prof. Dr. Taimoor Mohamed Nazmi From February 2015 To January 2017

Prof. Dr. Howida Abdel Fattah From August 2017 

Prof. Dr. Rasha Ismaiel Now

Vicedeans of Environment & Community

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Saied Abdel Wahab From November 2002 To August 2003

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed From 2004 To 2005

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Essam Khalefa From 2004 To 2005

Prof. Dr. Taha Ebrahim El Areef From 2005 To 2006

Prof. Dr. Taimoor Mohamed Nazmy From 2006 To 2011

Prof. Dr. Mostafa Gad Elhak Mohamed From 2011 To 2015

Prof. Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud Aaref From 2015 To 2017

Prof. Dr. Kha,ed Abdel Hameed Bahnasy From 2017 To August 2018

Prof. Dr. Tamer Ahmed Mostafa From December 2018 Until Now