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This program aims to have graduates specialized in analyzing and solving real-world problems in science. Where the student studies algorithms for simulating various operations, including image recognition and graphics. Students study computer simulations to help solve chemical and physical problems and simulate living cells for medicine, biology, physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, medicine, and business. The student studies computational intelligence in order to design, apply and develop computational models to recognize different images and patterns.



  Enrollment Year Total
Academic Year 3rd 4th Bachelors
2022/2023 306 142 448  
2021/2022 156 143 299 122
2020/2021 - 149 149 127




Prof. Mohamed Fahmy Tulba
Prof. Sayed Fadel Bahgat Abdalal
Prof. Howaida Abdelfattah Saber Shaded
Prof. Mahmoud Ateya Algamal
Prof. Hala Moshier Hassan Mohamed
Prof. Safaa Alsayed Amin Hassan
Dr. Manal Mohsen Mohamed Tantawy
Dr. Mohamed Abdelrahman Marey
Dr. Dena Reda Mohamed Mohamed Khattab
Dr. Mariam Nabil Zakareya Albarry
Dr. Dena Mohamed Alsaiyad Anwar
Dr. Doaa Ezzat Mohamed Mahmoud