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Faculty Objectives

The first objective: Preparing distinguished knowledgeable, skilled, and professional cadres through advanced programs.

Providing advanced educational programs and courses.

Providing support in its various forms to foreign students.

Maintaining standard ratios for faculty staff and teaching assistants.

Increasing interest and encouraging scientific and technical skills among students.

The Second objective: Creating the appropriate environment for scientific research

Developing the appropriate environment for scientific research.

Developing self-resources to improve the research environment in the faculty.

Developing the competitiveness of researchers.

Building and activating strategic partnership relations with IT institutions and companies.

Improving the quality and level of research through continuous interaction with community issues.

The third objective: Developing community services.

Using modern methods to introduce units of a special nature.

Enhancing the faculty's role in providing specialized scientific services and consultations to government and private agencies.

Qualify the student for the needs of the local, regional, and international labor market.

Enhancing ways of cooperation with institutions and information technology companies.

Enhancing the infrastructure and paying attention to continuous development.

Developing the performance of centers and units of a special nature.

The fourth objective: Developing the professional performance of the administrative staff

Continuous development of professional and administrative skills for administrators.

Qualifying administrators to use modern technologies and perform student services with superior quality.

Automating the work of the administrative body.

Developing the appropriate environment for the administrative body.

The Fifth objective: Create systems for internal quality assurance and performance appraisal.

Local accreditation of the faculty.

Use modern software to create systems to ensure the quality of performance.