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Alumni Unit

• Our mission 
•we aim to foster a lifelong connection between alumni and the FCIS , and to support the FCIS's commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and community service. 
• We aim to provide a variety of programs, services, and events that engage alumni in meaningful ways, enhance their personal and professional lives, and promote their contributions to society.
• We strive to create a vibrant alumni community that is inclusive, diverse, and supportive, and that reflects the values and spirit of the university.

• Get involved
The personal and professional lessons you have learned since graduation are invaluable and we would love to help find ways to bring your experiences and training to life in our community. Whether it is by providing training opportunities for our students, giving a lecture, or participating in various events in our community, your participation enhances the education we provide.

• Services
Make sure we have your most up-to-date contact information by joining the Alumni Network. Register your data here, and you will also have the ability to learn about the most important services provided by the college to graduates, in addition to viewing the most important news and events related to everything that matters to alumni.

Stay Connected:

If you have any inquires, send an email to alumni@cis.asu.edu.eg

Mona Abdel-Azim, Assistant Lecturer, Department of Information Systems, manages the Alumni Unit under the supervision of Prof. Nagwa Badr, Dean of the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences.