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Scientific Computing Center

The Scientific Computing Center was established with units that have a special character of technical, financial, and administrative independence based on the decision of the University Council dated 28/11/1977.

Objectives and Fields of Activity:
This includes executing projects for various departments within and outside the university, such as the payroll project which involves executing salaries for faculty members and employees across all university faculties and departments. Collaborating with the university's centers and departments with the aim of achieving integration and comprehensiveness of information systems. Providing statistical and computational services to assist the university in fulfilling its mission in the field of educating and training students, designing automated systems for carrying out its administrative, technical, and financial operations.
This involves contributing to the training of faculty members, teaching assistants, and employees at the university and other universities in studying various computer languages and how to design and use programs, such as the Higher Education Council's program.
This includes organizing training courses for members of the community and graduate students to study computer and information technology. Supporting research and providing statistical and accounting services. Carrying out maintenance work for the center, the College of Computer and Information Technology, and other units affiliated with the university.

The courses offered by the Scientific Computing Center at Ain Shams University include:
icdl (ict-windows-word-excel-access-powerpoint-net )
Electronic Accounting
Adobe photoshop
Leadership Preparation
Graphic Course