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  • Vision and Mission
  • Objectives of the center
  • Board of Directors
  • Historical Overview
  • Previous Works of the Center
The center aims to be a leader in providing consulting and technical services in software production and marketing, especially for higher education institutions. This is achieved through developing distinguished companies with various productive and service sectors inside and outside the university.
The center is committed to providing consulting and technical services in software production and marketing. The center is also committed to developing its production capabilities through supporting the development of human resources and utilizing the latest technology tools.
Objectives of the center:

1- Provide technical consultations to employ and maximize the benefits of information technology in all institutions and organizations concerned with decision-making and support.

2- Provide technical and technological consultations in all matters related to internet crimes, information protection, intellectual property protection, and software piracy issues.

3- Organize scientific seminars and conferences and provide technical supervision for journals in support of educational and scientific research institutions.

4- Provide consultations and apply field and statistical studies and translation in cooperation with researchers using modern information technology tools.

5- Collaborate with educational and scientific research institutions in the field of training employees and graduates in information technology.

6- Encourage, monitor and conduct applied scientific research in the field of information technology.

Board of Directors

Dr. Mohamed Ismail Rashdi (Vice Chairman of the Board)

Professor in the Computer Science Department
Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud Aref (Member) Professor in the Computer Science Department
Dr. Tamer Mustafa (Director of the Center) Lecturer in the Information Systems Department
Dr. Mohamed Hashem Abdelaziz (Member) Adjunct Professor in the Information Systems Department
Dr. Howida Abdel Fattah Shadid (Member) Assistant Professor in the Scientific Computing Department
Dr. Eman Mohamed Shaaban (Member) Assistant Professor in the Computer Systems Department
Dr. Mohamed Hamdy El-Elaimy (Member) Assistant Professor in the Information Systems Department
Ms. Maha makram (Member) Software Engineer at the Center



Historical Overview

The Center for Information Technology Consulting and Research was established as a special unit under the Computer and Information Science College at Ain Shams University, and its internal regulations were approved by the university council on October 26th, 1998 under the number 17
Previous Works of the Center

Consulting Projects:
  • Technical consultations for the Ministry of Justice in information technology-related cases.
  • Strategic network project for the Ministry of Interior.
  • National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences project.
  • Information system for the National Drinking Water and Sewage Network.
  • Technical cooperation agreement with the Education Development Office funded by the US Aid to organize courses and develop the skills of teachers in the Ministry of Education.
Academic Works:
  • Full scientific supervision of the Institute of Computer and Information Technology at the Civil Aviation Authority.